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Efficiency. Consistency. Flexibility.

The PRO QS Series of pre-assembled fuel trains have been designed for ease of installation and maintenance in a compact form factor. When paired with a Profire BMS controller, the PRO 8 supports efficient installations, and will provide control, safety, and reliability for your process heating equipment.

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The Core Applications

  • Gas
    Production Unit
  • Anime Reboiler
  • Line Heater
  • Treater
  • Combustor/
  • Glycol
  • Heated Tank
  • Heated Separator
  • Free Water Knockout (FWKO)
  • Salt Bath Heater

Ready To Mount
Wherever You Need

Whether you need to mount this directly to a flame arrestor, a cabinet, a wall, or set up by itself we've pre-built a mounting solution for you. Yep. We've thought of everything.

  • Wall Base Mount
  • Stand Mount

Need something different? We'd be surprised if we haven't seen it or built it already.

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Why the
PRO8 Fuel Train Series?

  • Mechanically and electrically pre-assembled
  • Factory function tested
  • Simplified field installation
  • Plug and play solution
  • Build/Specification
  • Painless procurement
  • Designed for applications up to 5MM BTU/hr
  • 24VDC / 12VDC low power
  • Left or right inlet designs
  • Mounting options to support your application
  • PF2200, PF2100, PF3100 compatible
  • PR08 Installation kits
  • PR08 Inlet Regulator Assembly

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PF3100 vs PF2200 vs PF2100

Download Profire's complete burner management comparison guide to find which controller best fits your applications.

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The PRO8 FTS has been purpose build to

  • Simplify
  • Create consistency
    & efficiency
  • Stay operationally
  • Eliminate surprises
    in the field

Meet the ready-built PRO Series solutions

Save yourself 100's of hours and thousands and thousands of dollars. Let the experts send you a pre-built, plug and play solution.

  • PRO-8 FTS
  • Inline FTS

Need it somewhere else? We'd be surprised if we haven't seen it or built it already.

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  • Exida: IEC 61508 SIL 2
  • CSA: 60730-2-5
  • HAZLOC Class 1 Div 2

Additional Pending certifications in Product Sheet.

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