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Introducing the M7 Burner

The Profire M7 natural draft burner, designed with innovative features that improve performance of your heated appliance.

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M7 Features

  • Sight Glass

    Setting indication marks are included on the air plate along with an integrated sight glass.

  • Removable Pilot Bracket

    Removable pilot bracket allows for quick inspection and service of pilot & ignition rod.

  • Setting Indication Marks

    Setting indication marks on the mixer enable quick, repeatable setup.

  • Easy-access Bushing

    A bushing on the rear of the mixers provide easy access to the burner orifice.

Core Applications

  • Gas production unit
  • Salt bath heater
  • Line heater
  • Glycol dehydrator
  • Heated tank
  • Separator
  • Treater
  • Amine reboiler
  • Free water knockout

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Why the M7 Burner

  • 1 Reduced Operating Costs & Emissions
  • 2 Increased Efficiency
  • 3 Innovative Design

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