120GPM Amine Plant Boiler Upgrade

TransTex Treating, Houston, Texas

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Project Highlights

  • Complete Automated Control
  • Operator Safety
  • Updated Burner Management Controls
  • Increased Efficiency and Reliability
  • Fuel/Air Ratio Control Upgrade
  • Increased Operator Safety and Control Visibility
  • IndustryOil & Gas - Midstream
  • CustomerOil field equipment supplier
  • Application(s)Forced Draft Boiler

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The Problem

The client purchased a second hand Bryan Boiler with outdated controls and inefficient air to fuel ration control. The client wanted to integrate this boiler into their 120GPM Amine Plant to control customer CO2 levels. The existing controls on the Bryan Boiler did not function properly and would not have created a safe environment during operation if not replaced with a new, safe and efficient Burner Management System.

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Before Profire

The Profire Solution

Profire designed a full system solution for the Bryan Boiler, which included the following:

  1. PF3100 Burner System Controller with Stainless Enclosure which manages the pilot and burner ignition, Fuel-Air ratio control
  2. UV Flame Detection Sensor to increase combustion and operator safety
  3. Boiler Temperature and Process Temperatures
  4. NFPA87 compliant fuel train and safety controls

This package solution provided maximum heat output from the system safely while meeting the target temperatures in record time with less fuel consumption due to the efficiency of the forced draft burner design with the new controls. This allowed the customer to operate the Amine Plant at maximum GPM production during colder than normal temperatures with no problems.

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After Profire