Dual Pilot Forced Draft Flare

Railcar Cleaning Facility - Hockley, Texas

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Project Highlights

  • Automated Dual Pilot Ignition
  • Simple and Reliable
  • Real-time Data Capture and Reporting
  • Improved Workplace Safety
  • IndustryReclamation
  • CustomerRailcar Cleaning
  • Application(s)Forced Draft Flare

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The Problem

Operational failures experienced during inclement weather conditions coupled with inconsistent performance with the original pilot and ignition system resulted in having to deploy technicians up on a man lift to manually ignite the pilot. Not only was this critical flare application unreliable, it was also missing desired telemetry to monitor status of the pilot and main flare during operation.

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Before Profire

After Profire

Key Products Used


The PF2200-SB controller has been specifically designed to enhance the performance and control of a wide array of natural draft fire tube applications

FSI (Flare Stack Igniter)

The FSI efficiently and repeatedly ignites flares in the most demanding and extreme flare stack environments.

HBB Inline Fuel Train

This fuel train is designed for applications between 0 to 3.5 MMBTU where simple on/off operation is desired.