Addressing Turnover in Oil & Gas Industry: Effective Retention Strategies for Field Operators

Many studies have been conducted to explore strategies for the oil and gas industry to address the issue of employee turnover with field operators and how this diverse industry can do a better job of retaining its employees. For many companies, the cost of employee turnover can exceed 400% of their annual allotted budget earmarked for salaries. This includes additional hours required to recruit and train replacement employees, as well as employee benefit packages. Through these studies, a few key factors have been outlined that relate to why employees decide to terminate their positions. These include:

  • Proper Employee Training
  • Reliable Product Installation
  • Open Communication with Management

To address these issues, it is critical for you to prioritize proper equipment installation, employee training, and open dialogue with your team. By implementing these strategies, you will address the specific concerns of your field operators, ensure workplace stability, and improve overall performance which will lead to a decrease in employee turnover.

Image of 3 professionals looking at an oil line

Boosting Field Operators Training and Development

One of the biggest reasons field operators feel frustrated on the job is due to lack of training for unpredictable challenges. Whether it has to do with safety, faulty machinery, or poor communication with fellow workers, these situations can cause operators high levels of stress — especially if they haven’t been properly trained. By providing proper training, you will provide the knowledge and confidence needed to retain employees.

The first step to resolving this issue is by installing, maintaining, and training operators on all products related to your heating appliances. At Profire we offer Startup & Commissioning processes for all of our solutions which means we do the work of training your staff on proper procedures and protocols of your new system . We have developed a “boots on the ground” field service structure to ensure your team receives the training, knowledge, and support they need to be confident at the worksite.

Providing comprehensive technical training programs that focus on both core competencies and specialized skills can significantly improve employee engagement and job satisfaction. When you choose Profire products, our team will coordinate the Installation of your equipment, as well as educate and train your operators on the proper use, safety, and maintenance of your appliances. This allows your employees to feel confident that they have the skills to troubleshoot effectively if a problem were to arise — we want you and your team to feel confident.

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Can Remote Monitoring Enhance Operator Well Being

Another key element to retaining operators is emphasizing the importance of work-life balance. While on the job, field operators face a multitude of challenges both professionally and personally. Often, they are living away from their families and miss many of the day-to-day activities with their children, spouses, and friends. Pair this with long work hours, extensive physical labor, and exposure to hazardous conditions, and members of your team will feel burnt out leading to overall dissatisfaction with their position.

We saw an opportunity to allow operators to spend more time with their family and less time on-siter if we developed a remote monitoring solution. Our team of engineers Designed the PFCONNECT specifically to fulfill this demand for remote, multi-appliance monitoring. It provides access to live and historical appliance data right from your field equipment while also tracking equipment statuses and appliance performance. This information is accessible to you all from your smart-device. We know having real-time access and alert notifications will help minimize the demand on your operators to supervise your appliance. By implementing the PFCONNECT, you will reduce the overall hours required for on-site monitoring and create a less stressful work environment.

Cultivating Engagement and Well-Being for Field Operators

Fostering a workplace where employees feel heard by their management is essential. To achieve this, you need to forge open communication and collaboration in a space where field operators can voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions. Not only will this dialogue provide them with confidence, but it will also give them ownership over many necessary procedures.

Creating a Strong Workforce with Effective Retention

Building a sustainable workforce in the oil and gas industry involves a variety of strategies including implementing reliable equipment, providing technical solutions, and training your team. By purposely creating an environment where each employee has the skills, knowledge, and confidence at their workplace, you will see a shift in employee retention.

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