Startup & Commissioning

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Our team at Profire will walk you through each step of the startup and commissioning processes. When you purchase any of our Burner Management Systems or Combustion Controls, you and your team will receive on-site employee training, equipment verifications and documentation for all of your new products. On every project, we ensure the productivity of our equipment meets your application needs and your team is fully equipped for success.

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Equipment Verification

Our experts complete a variety of system tests and calculations to ensure your new equipment is running at its optimized capability.

Shutdown Testing

We will complete testing on all shutdowns and temperature controls. These include, but are not limited to, high and low temperature shutdowns, high and low pressure testing, and flame failures. Our team offers assessment of a wide variety of inputs and outputs on your vessel. Ask us to find out more!

Set-Up and Tuning

As alignment and flame content are critical to the setup process, we visually verify the flame velocity meets our specs, flame content is accurate, and flame impingement is not an issue. Our process achieves successful startup with proper fuel pressures and ensures the system is tuned for combustion efficiency.


Through our installation, startup, and commissioning procedures, we provide on-site training for our Burner Management Systems and Combustion Controls to any personnel from your team.

Assessment Report

Once installation is complete, we will provide a report outlining all startup settings, a combustion analysis, and before and after photographs. We also include any further recommendations our team has about existing or potential issues that should be addressed.