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We provide far more than just expertise in Burner Management Systems and Combustion Controls. We'll support you throughout the entire processes. At Profire you will receive performance-engineered solutions combined with a dedicated team, always ready to answer your call.

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  • Startup and Commissioning

  • Preventative Maintenance

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    Technical Support

Consulting – We offer on-site analysis that evaluates your application, equipment, safety and code compliances. Our experts provide the most cost-effective solution for your application to maintain its proper function and operation.


Installation – Our installation process, performed by qualified, skilled technicians, includes equipment removal, mounting, testing and verification of shutdown setpoints, and staff training.


Startup and Commissioning – As part of our startup and commissioning service, we provide on-site employee training, verify all equipment is optimized, complete shutdown tests and ensure your system is properly tuned for combustion efficiency. This is all finalized with an assessment report that outlines everything you need to know about your system.


Preventative Maintenance – We offer a Preventative Maintenance program to ensure our equipment continues to maximize combustion and operational efficiencies. This program provides a 12-Point Service inspection that includes on-site service and safety checks. With scheduled maintenance, we will enhance the longevity of your equipment, decrease emissions, reduce downtime and provide valuable cost savings.


Technical Support – We provide 24/7 phone support, as well as on-site equipment servicing throughout U.S. and Canada. Whether you need help with troubleshooting a system failure, a step-by-step walk through updating the latest firmware, or questions regarding warranty, we are here to help.

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