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At Profire you get more than just products. When you purchase a Profire Solution, our team is there to coordinate the removal of your existing equipment and complete all testing and verifications on your new systems. Additionally, we educate and train all required personnel on the proper use, safety, and maintenance of your appliance. Our commitment to the success of your business starts from day one.

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Equipment Removal

When we replace your existing equipment, our team also coordinates the removal of your current products as part of our full-service solution.


As part of our installation process, our team mounts all products including fuel trains and controllers.

Testing and Verification

Prior to leaving your site, our team will verify all shutdown setpoints and the safe operation of all your newly installed equipment.


We provide education and training to all on-site personnel to ensure your staff are informed on the proper use and maintenance of your new systems and solutions.


All our installations are performed by qualified skilled technicians who will facilitate any required approvals for your appliances through a certified agency.