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At Profire we pride ourselves on ensuring our team finds the right solutions for your heated appliances. We will meet with your team to complete an on-site analysis that includes an evaluation of your application, current systems, and required code compliances. With more than 400 years of experience in the field, our experts will determine which of our solutions will best suit your application. We will be there to support you with innovative, reliable, and technologically advanced equipment that offers a simple, yet powerful, user experience.

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Through our initial assessments, we will determine the efficiency of your current systems and uncover any necessary upgrades to ensure your appliances are running at their optimal productivity levels. We will then develop a safe and reliable, sophisticated yet simple, cost-effective solution that fits your budget and application needs.

Equipment Analysis

During the initial consultation, our team will perform a combustion analysis on all your existing appliances. Once our recommended upgrades have been installed, you will receive before and after data comparisons so you can see the Profire Difference for yourself.

Performance Optimization

Our team of experts are continually developing new technology and advancing the standard of our systems and solutions to maximize your production. Our team will analyze your existing equipment and determine which of our solutions is best suited to optimize your system’s performance.

Safety Compliance

Our systems and solutions adhere to several safety codes in both the U.S. and Canada. During our assessment process, our experts determine what codes are required for your application and if there are opportunities to eliminate any safety violations immediately, or if a full unit shutdown is required until it can be deemed safe.

Code Compliance

As part of our consulting process we determine what code compliances are required for your application. We follow the latest version of the CSA B149.3 and NFPA-87 gas codes and will install a system for your process heater that meets all code compliances.