Performance Boosting Components of a Fuel Train

To understand why certain components are required in a Fuel Train, it is important to understand the purpose of a fuel train in your burner management or combustion control application. Fuel trains are integral to providing the proper flow of gas into your natural or forced draft burner. Regulating the fuel and combustion air mixture is essential to the overall safety and control of many industrial heating systems used in the production of the following:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • BioTech
  • Petrochemical and Refining
  • Renewables
  • Landfill
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Pulp and Paper

Each custom-built or preassembled Profire fuel train is engineered and designed with specific components to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency. 

Fuel Train Options

At Profire we offer a variety of configurations of fuel trains to meet your needs, including our Pro 8 and Pro QS fuel train series. These series have a compact design for areas where space is limited. Each series offers safe ignition with a soft start, consistent temperature control, single and double-block shutdowns. Our Inline fuel train series provide the same reliability with single and double-block shutdowns and soft starts. All of our fuel trains provide flexible configuration options with BTU ratings ranging from 0-5MM BTU, left or right inlets, and multiple power options. By providing options to configure a fuel train’s specific components and design elements, you receive the most efficient and reliable product for your application. Some of the key components used in the construction of Profire’s fuel trains include a pressure regulator, Y-Strainer, Kimray MXC Valve, pressure switches, control valves, and restrictor valves. Here is a complete list of the optional components available for each fuel train configuration Profire offers.

Pressure regulators

Pressure Regulators are a critical component of a well-designed fuel train. They control the pressure of the fuel gas traveling through the system. This control provides consistent pressure within the fuel train resulting in a more reliable and efficient system. Profire’s pressure regulators are used in both natural and forced draft burner applications, for relief or non-relief release systems, and can be used with sweet or sour gas. By partnering with industry leaders, Belgas and Fisher, we have the ability to construct complete solutions that work directly with our burner management and combustion controllers. 

image of a Y strainer


A Y-Strainer is an essential component to maintaining clean fluids within a fuel train. At Profire our Y-Strainers are constructed with various materials and are available in different configurations depending on your system requirements. Y-Strainers are designed to catch foreign or solid materials and prevent them from entering the mechanical components of the fuel train. These materials can include even the smallest grain of sand, gravel, or rust which, despite their size, can cause extreme complications to the instrumentation of a fuel train. For example, solenoid valves will malfunction and cause a complete shutdown of the system if any dirt or foreign object inhibits their functionality. By blocking these materials from entering the instrumentation of the system, you will experience an increase in the product’s lifespan and ultimately its overall efficiency.


Kimray MXC

Profire partnered with Kimray to develop the Kimray MXC Valve which is the perfect solution when you are seeking precise, zero-emission valve positioning in burner management or flow control applications. The valve is designed to actuate based on a user-defined signal, making it adaptable for a variety of applications. Formerly the E-Lo (Electric Low-Pressure Control Valve), the MXC is exclusively used in Profire solutions and provides reliable and modern technology for various industrial operations requiring a Hazardous Location Certification for Class 1 Div 1 (CSA) valve. The MXC Valve is available with four different control modules including: analog, discrete, Modbus (RS-485), and RTD temperature control. It is designed to ensure superior performance, accuracy, and durability, making it a reliable choice for many of your valve control requirements.

Restrictor Valve

Restrictor valves are used to ensure smooth and gradual actuation of your temperature control valve. It manages and regulates pneumatic valves for maximum performance and overall effectiveness of your fuel train. A restrictor valve controls the flow and opening speed of pneumatic valves with a smooth and gradual startup of the main burner. Its compact design offers easy maintenance that is crucial to the overall performance of your fuel train.

Control Valves

The Kimray EAI valve was purpose-built for the various configurations of Profire fuel trains. It provides a repeatable soft controlled start and can be actuated for precise temperature control when paired with an I2P. An I2P or I/P is a device that converts an electric input signal to a scalable pneumatic output to control another device such as a pneumatically actuated valve. Through Profire’s partnership with Kimray, the Kimray 1400 was enhanced with the capability to support our fuel train and burner management solutions. It has been specifically designed by burner experts to provide consistent and repeatable control in the most demanding natural draft fuel train applications.

pressure transmitter

Pressure Transmitters

Pressure transmitters convert pressure into an electric signal which is then sent to your system’s controller or other PLC. They measure the absolute, gauge, or differential pressures of the fuel within the system.  Profire has partnered with United Electrics, American Sensor Technologies, and SOR to provide products that are designed for hazardous locations and crafted with materials that can endure the harshest conditions. All of our transmitters are certified for applications in hazardous locations and are part of our complete solutions.

Pressure Switches

When pressure within a fuel train is monitored correctly, a pressure switch provides additional safety and ensures proper operation of the burner management system. Pressure switches are mounted to the fuel train and if the pressure within it fluctuates, either too high or too low, the switch trips, alerting the operator and shutting off the gas supply. Profire has partnered with leading manufacturers of pressure and sensor technologies, including United Electronics and Custom Control Sensors, to deliver a premium pressure switch solution. These quality pressure switches ensure that our controllers are working with reliable input data to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently. 

Profire PRO Series Inlet Regulator Assembly 1

Pro Series Inlet Regulator Assembly

Profire offers a Pro FT series inlet regulator assembly that is available in multiple variations to suit your specific application. All of our inlet regulator assemblies include a proper regulator, ball valve with a lockable handle, and a ground union. Additionally, depending on the application, it is available with an optional Y-strainer.

For more information about Profire’s extensive fuel train options, or any specific requirements you may have for burner management and combustion controls please contact us.

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For more information about Profire’s extensive fuel train options, or any specific requirements you may have for burner management and combustion controls, please contact us.