M5 Burner

Dependable performance for lower BTU natural draft applications.

The M5 Burner

Mid-range combustion efficiency performance yet proven and dependable, purpose built for lower BTU applications. Assembly includes mixer, straight pipe barrel and matching bell nozzle. Sizes include:

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M5 Complete Burner

Reliable & cost-effective

The Profire M5 Complete Burner is a highly efficient and versatile combustion system with its compact design and high-quality construction. It allows you to reduce emissions, improve performance, and lower your operating costs. The M5 is an ideal choice for lower BTU atmospheric applications requiring mid-range efficiency.

One of the key advantages of the Profire M5 Burner Mixer is its ease of installation, setup, and operation. We designed this burner to be user-friendly and easily installed by a qualified technician.

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