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Improve combustion efficiency with more precise control of secondary air

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Improve combustion efficiency with better control of secondary air

Proper and efficient combustion is critical to the performance of a natural draft heater. The Secondary Airplate was developed specifically for atmospheric heaters and can improve operational efficiency by controlling excess airflow.

Combined with the right burner selection, combustion analysis, and correct fuel train pressure setting, the addition of a Secondary Airplate will substantially affect your heater’s combustion efficiency. Users will often experience a 30% to 50% increase in combustion efficiency resulting in positive impacts on your bottom line, including reduced fuel gas and emissions. Profire Secondary Airplates¬†protect your assets by improving fire tube longevity and reducing or eliminating flame impingement.

Available in Pilot and Slipstream models.

Profire Secondary Air Airplate

Profire Airplate Benefits & Features

  • Increase combustion efficiency ‚Č• 30%

  • Reduce fuel gas consumption

  • Reduce flame impingement

  • Increase firetube life

  • Adjustable airflow

  • Precise pilot positioning

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