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PF2100 Controller Box Profire Energy

Powerful and simple

With over 80,000 PF2100 controllers installed, it’s no question that the PF2100 has set a standard among operators, original equipment manufacturers, and engineers. The PF2100 offers natural draft burner management in a simplified and easy-to-use platform, allowing you to operate safely and efficiently.

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PF2100 Controllers

Core Applications

  • Gas Production Unit (GPU)
  • Amine Reboiler
  • Line heater
  • Treater
  • Combustor / ECD / VDU
  • Glycol dehydrator
  • Heated tank
  • Heated Separator

Why the PF2100?

  • Integrated:
    • High-temperature shutdown
    • Temperature control
    • History and event log
    • Auxiliary thermocouple input
    • Pressure & level switch contacts
    • Status
    • 4-20mA output
      • Temperature out
      • Valve control
  • Low power design
    • Solar & TEG ready
  • Expansion Capability
    • Modbus RS485
    • Data logging with Modbus RS485
    • 4-20mA Repeater (2 additional inputs)
      • Tank Level
      • Pressure transmitter

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PF2100 In the Field 2


  • Modbus card
    Modbus Expansion

    Remotely monitor your controller settings and data

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  • 4-20mA Repeater

    Add two additional inputs and echo your input level signal to a remote monitoring device

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  • Data Logger Card
    Data Logger

    Log critical data locally and remotely

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