Fuel Train Rack Assembly

Installation of your inline fuel train will be more efficient with the innovative design and engineering of our Fuel Train Rack Assembly. This customizable option arrives on-site prewired and pre-configured, saving you time and money while enhancing the safety and performance of your appliance.


This durable metal rack assembly can be configured with any of our inline fuel trains including the 401AP, HCC, HBB, and ISB standard or customized solutions. Its optimized design features a metal/stainless steel enclosure that houses all connections and expansion cards providing you with a weather-resistant solution enhancing the performance of your system.

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  • Advantages
  • Quick installation
  • Arrives prewired and preconfigured
  • Saves you time & money
  • Low maintenance
  • Structurally stable mounting points
  • Minimal startup timelines
  • Convenient placement of components for easy maintenance
  • Customizable size options (Comes in a standard 10’ rack but can be built specifically for your space requirements.)
  • Capable of housing various sized fuel trains
  • Incorporates a 24”, 36”, or 48” housing for the controller, cards, and inputs
  • Standard & customized options available, including pilot and mainline mounts
  • Maintenance
  • Built with durable carbon steel, the Fuel Train Rack Assembly is a low-maintenance product that once the installation is complete will require minimal upkeep. Its functional design allows easy accessibility and maintenance of important components enhancing the safety, efficiency, and performance of your appliance.

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Ease of Installation

Purpose-built with every detail in mind, the Fuel Train Rack Assembly will arrive on-site with preinstalled convenient placements for all required mounting options including your main line, pilots, and pressure transmitters. Everything is prewired and configured for your specific application, meaning all you have to do is mount and connect.

Fuel Trains are an integral part of your installation, let us help you set up exactly what you need to maximize outputs and profits. Talk with us today.

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The Fuel Train Rack Assembly has been purpose built to:

  • Quick Installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Prewired and Preconfigured
  • Built for Durability

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