single-block inline fuel train with soft start

HCC Inline Fuel Train

The Profire Inline Fuel Train series has been designed to simplify the procurement and installation process of your heated appliance. Providing premier solutions when paired with a Profire BMS Controller, we ensure you receive performance-driven, safe, and reliable products. The IFT Series has become the trusted specification for many of our customers because we deliver the control you need with double-block shutdown, soft start, and actuated TCV designs.

To complete your system, we also offer several durable mounting options designed to withstand the harshest environments. Many of our Inline Fuel Trains have been engineered to meet the NFPA 87 Standard for Fluid Heaters.

The Profire HCC Inline Fuel Train

Designed for smaller heaters

Our single-block shutdown inline fuel train is equipped with a soft start and pneumatic-block backup. The HCC comes in a smaller design with an intended use for smaller heaters with 0-3.5 MMBTU requirements. It provides a budget-friendly design, while still meeting applicable compliance requirements including Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D; T4.


Pre-assembled in-house before shipment


Designed for
Smaller Heaters

BTU Rating

Recommended to run
at 0-3.5 MMBTU


Z21.21, 6.5 C/I
approved solenoids

Download the HCC Product Spec Sheet

HCC Inline Fuel Train P&ID


Available to work with PF3100, PF2100, or PF2200 controllers.

Available Assembly Options:

  • Pre-assembled Fuel-Train
  • Single Skid Stand
  • Double Skid Stand

Why Choose the HCC Inline Fuel Train?

  • Pre-Assembled

    Completely pre-assembled

  • Single-block with soft start

  • Your Needs

    Designed for your needs

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