A Compact, purpose-built, pre-assembled solution

PRO 8 - HBB Fuel Train

The PRO 8 Series offers preconfigured, preassembled, lightweight solutions for your heating application’s intended use. Arriving on-site pre-tested and paired with a Profire BMS controller, the PRO 8 Series offers a true plug-and-play solution for your application. Available in 0-3.5 MMBTU with a design capacity of 0-5.0 MMBTU, this series offers a simple on/off user experience.

The Profire PRO 8 - HBB Fuel Train

Designed for smaller heaters

The PRO 8 – HBB is a compact prebuilt fuel train, offering on/off control, safe ignition, and soft start. It features a double-block main shutdown, gas-rated inline 6.5 C/I approved solenoids, and a slow-opening control valve. Our skillful engineering team has designed the PRO 8 – HBB with safe ignition, soft start, and emergency shutdowns to increase on-site efficiency and safety. This fuel train is recommended for 0-3.5 MMBTU but has the design capacity of 0-5 MMBTU where simple on/off operation is desired.


Pre-assembled in-house before shipment


Cost Savings, Efficiency, and Flexible Configurations

BTU Rating

Designed for applications up to 0-3.5 MMBTU but customizable for a capacity of 0-5.0MMBTU


Exida: IEC 61508 SIL 2, CSA: 60730-2-5, Class 1 Div 2, Hazardous Location

Download the PRO 8 HBB Spec Sheet

Efficiency. Consistency. Flexibility


The PRO 8 Series of pre-assembled fuel trains has been designed to make it easy to get the results you need. We have engineered a powerful yet simple solution that, when paired with a Profire BMS controller, will offer you the control, safety, and reliability you expect.

  • Mechanically and electrically pre-assembled
  • Factory Function Tested
  • Simplified field installation
  • Plug and play solution
  • Build/specification
  • Painless procurement
  • Designed for applications up to 5MMBTU/hr
  • 24VDC / 12VDC low power
  • Left or right inlet designs
  • Mounting options to support your application
  • PF2100, PF2200, PF3100 compatible
  • PRO 8 Installation Kits
  • PRO 8 Inlet Regulator Assembly

The PRO-8 HBB Fuel Train has been purpose built to

  • Simplify
  • Create Consistency
    & Efficiency
  • Stay Operationally
  • Eliminate Suprises
    in the Field

Ready to mount wherever you need

Whether you need to mount this directly to a flame arrestor, a cabinet, a wall, or set up by itself we've pre-built a mounting solution for you. Yep. We've thought of everything.

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