24VDC Solar Panels

Powering Your Remote Location with Solar Panels

  • Accessible Junction Box
  • Easy Module Interconnections
  • Silver Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Various Fitting Cable Glands
  • Durable Scratch Resistant Back Sheet
  • Extra Insulation

Empowering Your Application with Solar Panels

Profire has partnered with Ameresco Solar to provide high-quality photovoltaic module solar panels, ideal for remote power applications. Utilizing current technology combined with over three decades of design, manufacturing, and field experience, these modules have been optimized for service life and electrical energy production. Built with highly reliable cell interconnections and diode placements, they have proven to deliver the power you need for remote applications.


They are available in the following kits:

  • Solar Package South 3 watt:
    (2X) 20W Solar Panels, (2X) AGM 100 Ah Battery
  • Solar Package South 4 watt:
    (2X) 30W Solar Panels, (2X) AGM 108 Ah Battery
  • Solar Package North 3 watt:
    (2X) 30W Solar Panels, (2X) AGM 100 Ah Batteries
  • Solar Package North 4 watt:
    (2X) 40W Solar Panels, (2X) AGM 108 Ah Batteries

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