Solar Charge Regulator with Circuit Breaker

Safeguard Your System

Product Highlights:

  • Operable from -40°F to 194°F/-40°C to 90°C
  • Status Signaling
  • Remote On/Off operation
  • Bi-directional flow of current
  • Works with 80% rated and 100% rated breakers
  • Open on signal from DC arc or ground fault detector
  • Complies with UL 489B for solar PV circuit protection

Protect Your System from Over Currents

We have partnered with ASC, SunSaver and EATON for their quality circuit breakers and Solar Charge Regulators. With the addition of the circuit breaker, your system will benefit from higher voltage and lower fault current levels, as well as a bi-directional flow of current.

Your system will have the ability to open on signals from a DC arc or ground fault detector. It will also keep your solar PV working in extreme temperatures.

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