Ball Valves

Essential Flow Control

High Quality, Reliable Ball Valves

Ball Valves are an essential component to the safety and reliability of our systems. Controlling the flow of fluid and gas with the use of a perforated, pivoting, and hollow ball, ball valves ensure safety and control of your system.

Profire has partnered with Unified Alloys to provide the highest quality and reliable full port ball valves to be used for our various fuel train configurations. Constructed with stainless steel for a durable low maintenance solution, these valves are rated for temperatures as low as -76°F / -60°C. With easy fully open or fully closed control, our ball valves are ideal for a number of applications where quick response and reliable pressure are required.

Product Sizes and Highlights


  • ¼”
  • ½”
  • ¾”
  • 1½”
  • 2″


  • Vented ball
  • Rapid actuation
  • Locking device
  • Low maintenance

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