See why companies like Kinder Morgan are loving the PF3100

Are you spending too much time ensuring your equipment is running at optimal efficiency? With unpredictable weather patterns, unreliable equipment, and spontaneous shutdowns, many oilfield professionals are turning to  Profire to upgrade their equipment.

Kinder Morgan turned to us looking for a reliable burner and combustion solution to upgrade a dated glycol regeneration unit.

Our PF3100 BMS controller was exactly what they needed, offering local data logging, precise temperature control, remote status monitoring, and many other optional add-ons for their multi-burner application.

The PF3100’s Packaged Solutions is ideal for oilfield professionals needing assistance with any of the following:

  • Forced Draft Applications
  • NEMA Type 4x
  • Optical Flame Detection
  • Fuel / Air Ratio Control
  • Increased I/O
  • Remote Mount Options
  • Power Distribution (Power Supply)
  • Multiple Burner Applications


“Profire was called to provide a technical solution to meet (our) challenging requirements,” said a Kinder Morgan foreman. “The result was a reliable burner and combustion management solution providing local data logging, system controls, and remote status.”

“This was a win-win for both companies,” said John Becker, National Sales Manager at Profire Energy. “We achieved our goal of providing a safe, reliable system, that can be used to access critical data and broadcast necessary information for plant operational control.”

If you are looking for a customized solution for outdated equipment contact us.

Project specs:

  • BTU: 2.5MM BTU
  • Number of Burners:  One
  • Standards Met: NFPA-87, IP66, Optical Flame Detection, Forced Draft
Profire PF3100 Big Box 5