Amine Distillation – Cabin Heater

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Project Highlights

  • 12-Burner Cabin Heater - 30MM BTU with 12 independent fuel trains
  • +250 Safety I/O Controlled and Monitored from User Interface in the Control Room
  • Redundant Temperature Measurement/Redundant Networks
  • Client was able to see ROI in less than eight months.

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The Problem

Ensign was experiencing nuisance shutdowns with limited safety I/O. The heater was going down 2-3 times a day due flame failure. Operators and I&E personnel were constantly manually relighting the heater 2-3 times day! Ensign required a safe and reliable solution that met their budget.

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Before Profire

The Profire Solution

Ensign needed to meet several safety standards (NFPA, ASME & API560). Profire proposed our 3100 Platform due to the complexity and I/O concentration of the project. Numerous discussions revolved around the accurate temperature measurement from the distillation column located 380′ away from the heater. Our design included a quad thermocouple and split the redundant temperatures on redundant networks. 12 individual fuel trains control 12 independent temperature controls valves. This allowed the client to see a 45%+ gas savings due to proper gas regulation and modulating controls for each burner!

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After Profire

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