Giving back to our community and our people.

People are our superpowers

Our people are our most important asset. They create, engineer, invent, build, design, craft, advise, and sacrifice to support all of our customers. We strive to care for our people and our communities.

Organizations we've supported over the years

  • University of Utah Burn Camp

    6+ years and over $150,000 of support

  • Zebra Child Protection Centre

    8+ years of ongoing support

  • Lindon Fire Department

    Donations to support advanced fire safety

  • Orem Police Department

    Donations to support advanced public safety

  • Malouf Foundation

    Years of support to help end child exploitation

  • Quote of Indiana PA

    2+ years of support for speech and hearing-impaired

Have a question or idea?

If you're looking to contact Investor Relations, or have a cause you'd like us to support, we'd love to hear from you.