PF3100-00 User Interface Card

Complete System Access

Your primary access point for commissioning and monitoring your PF3100.

Key Features:

  • PFRN controller network
  • Full keypad for navigation and configuration
  • 5.7” color display
  • Appliance status LED indicator
  • USB port for data logging and settings file management

Monitoring You Can Count On

Our PF3100-00 User Interface Card has been designed with a 5.7” color display and full keypad to make navigation and configuration simple and direct for users. Complete with system status, configuration, and multi-appliance screens for quick selection, you will have access to real-time diagnostics, data logging tools, temperature readings, and many other crucial displays for each configured appliance.

There are many user-friendly tools available through our interface card including:

  • One button Start/Stop for single or multi appliances
  • Display real-time state and process temperature
  • Appliance screen alerts with troubleshooting
  • Access to system diagnostics, data logging, and settings
  • Firmware update tool
  • Temperature readings displayed
  • Single/multiple appliance control
  • Input and output information
  • Flame strength readings for each pilot card

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