PF3102-00 Ion Pilot Card

Facilitating Flame Ignition and Detection

The Ion Pilot card is designed to connect to your burner management system controller card providing single pilot or main flame detection.

Key Features:

  • Pilot flame ignition for a single pilot flame.
  • Ionization flame detection or thermocouple flame detection for a single pilot flame.
  • Ionization flame detection for a main flame.

Critical Flame Detection

Flame detection is crucial to ensure an efficient and overall safe burner management system. Our PF3102-00 Ion Pilot Card provides you with reliable system behavior monitoring for your customized configurations. These include:

  • Digital input switch
  • Accepts an Analog 4-20mA LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) signal
  • 4-20mA temperature transmitter for flame detection
  • TC flame detection
  • Gas shutoff valve
  • Pilot off mode setting
  • Main flame detection
  • Pilot flame detection


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