PF3102-01 UV Pilot Card

Dependable Flame Ignition

The UV Pilot card provides dependable flame ignition and detection when connected to your BMS controller card.

Key Features:

  • Pilot flame ignition.
  • Pilot UV flame detection.
  • Main UV flame detection.

Ignition You Can Count On

Including a PF3102-01 UV Pilot Card with your PF3100 customized burner management system, will provide you with dependable flame ignition and detection. Equipped with safety features including consistent and reliable scanning of your system for flame strength and providing system behavior feedback, you will experience efficiency at its finest.

  • Ignition enabled relay contact
  • UV flame scanner inputs
  • System behavior energized/de-energized
  • UV flame detection alarms
  • PFRN port
  • DIP switches
  • Power setting LEDs

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