The standard plug and play solution for natural draft appliances under 3.5MM BTU/hr

PRO QS - HBB Fuel Train

Our PRO QS Series is a compact elite solution featuring a modular design and built-in safeguards to ensure top performance for your new equipment or retrofit applications. This customizable fuel train is available in both single-block and double-block shutdown configurations with 0-5.0 MMBTU capability. Providing a complete solution with automated temperature controls, emergency shutdowns, and slow-opening control valves, the PRO QS series will standardize all your processing equipment.

Installed on-site or shipped to an OEM for easy installation, your new system arrives paired with a Profire BMS controller ensuring optimal performance of your appliance. To better fit your application requirements, many of our PRO QS fuel train series have been built to meet the NFPA 87 Standard for Fluid Heaters.

The Profire PRO QS - HBB Fuel Train

Take the guess work out of any project with a completely plug-and-play solution

The PRO QS – HBB features a double-block main shutdown design in a customizable, reliable, and cost-effective package. Its modular design comes complete with on/off controls, safe ignition, and a soft start. It features inline gas-rated 6.5 C/I approved solenoids and a slow-opening control valve to meet the requirements listed and approved for burner management and combustion safety.

The Pro QS – HBB Fuel Train is capable of meeting capacity requirements for 0-5 MMBTU where simple on/off operation is desired, but is recommended for use with appliances that require 0-3.5 MMBTU.


Pre-assembled in-house before shipment


Cost Savings, Efficiency, and Flexible Configurations

BTU Rating

Designed for applications up to 5MM BTU/hr


Exida: IEC 61508 SIL 2, CSA: 60730-2-5, HAZLOC Class 1 Div 2

Why the PRO QS Fuel Train Series?


Reduce Cost & Complexity

  • Mechanically and electrically pre-assembled
  • Factory function tested
  • Simplified field installation

Increase efficiency

  • Plug and play solution
  • Build/Specification
  • Painless procurement

Flexible configuration options

  • Designed for applications up to 5MM BTU/hr
  • 24VDC / 12VDC low power
  • Left or right inlet designs
  • Mounting options to support your application
  • PF2200, PF2100, PF3100 compatible
  • PRO QS Installation kits
  • PRO QS Inlet Regulator Assembly

The PRO QS - HBB Fuel Train has been purpose built to

  • Simplify
  • Create Consistency
    & Efficiency
  • Stay Operationally
  • Eliminate Suprises
    in the Field

Core Applications for the PRO-QS HBB Fuel Train

  • Gas
    Production Unit
  • Amine
  • Line
  • Treater
  • Combustor/
  • Glycol
  • Heated
  • Heated
  • Free Water
    Knockout (FWKO)
  • Salt Bath

Ready to mount wherever you need

Whether you need to mount this directly to a flame arrestor, a cabinet, a wall, or set up by itself we've pre-built a mounting solution for you. Yep. We've thought of everything.

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