Pre-packaged Systems Offer Advantages for BMS Retrofit Projects

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Project Highlights

  • 200+ Heated appliances were upgraded with prepackaged BMS solutions over a four month period.
  • The project was completed within budget by efficiency gains through procurement, assembly, testing and installation.
  • Average downtime per heater was two hours for the upgrade.
  • The customer now has reliability, consistency and safety for their assets and employees by choosing a Profire prepackaged solution.

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The Problem

An upstream customer required a safer and more reliable burner management solution for their heated process equipment throughout their production field. The customer operated a wide variety of production equipment and wanted a consistent BMS solution to standardize their equipment on both new and older units.

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Before Profire

The Profire Solution

The proposed solution utilized a prepackaged fuel train and controller assembled and tested at the factory. The use of a prepackaged solution allowed Profire to build a high quality, consistent product while still meeting the challenges outlined by the customer. The versatile mounting options available on the prepackaged fuel train allowed the same design to be used on all the customer’s heaters. Utilizing a standard fuel train design enabled the customer to stock a minimum number of replacement parts to maintain all the company’s process heaters.

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After Profire

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