PF3102-03 Pilot Spark Card

High Energy Ignition

When used with an ignition coil the PF3102-03 Pilot Spark Card will produce an intense spark to ignite a pilot flame.

Key Features:

  • High energy ignition module.
  • Suitable for problematic pilot ignition applications.
  • Coil enabled input/output.
  • On-screen instructions to enable UV Pilot card.

Intense Spark

This powerhouse module is the ultimate addition to your PF3100 controller, creating a high energy ignition where pilot ignition is problematic. Together, with the use of an ignition coil, your appliance will be supplied with an intense spark to light the appliance’s pilot flame.

  • 12/24 VDC, 2A maximum
  • Intended field device connections
  • Digital input
  • On-screen instructions to enable the UV Pilot Card
  • Powered ignition output

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