PF1300 Flare Ignition System

Monitors flare status and provides dependable ignition and re-ignition for open flare applications.

Profire PF1300

THE PF1300

Automatic electronic ignition for open Flare applications

The PF1300 Flare Ignition System is specifically designed to provide automatic electronic ignition for open flare applications. Integrated status contacts allow for local alarm and remote monitoring capability.

The PF1300’s design and optional integrated solar package provide a robust stand-alone ignition solution.

Download the PF1300 Product Spec Sheet

Why Choose the PF1300?

  • Double Block Shut Down

    Convenience: Easy To Operate, Auto Ignition

  • Reliability: Integrated Watchdog Timer Ensures the System Will Reset and Continue To Operate in the Event of Power Spikes or Other External Interruptions.

  • Flexibility: Adjustable Settings, Optional Integrated Solar Package


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