Effectively manage waste gas and combustion with our powerful incinerator controller.


Incinerator Management

The PF2100i is an Incinerator Management System designed for use in applications where assist gas is utilized prior to introduction of waste gas. The PF2100i controls the flow of both the assist gas and the waste gas. Multiple thermocouple inputs monitor chamber temperature, while automated valve control maintains the necessary combustion temperature.

  • Assist Gas Control
  • Waste Gas Control
  • Thermocouple input to accurately monitor temperature
  • Manage waste gas flow based on temperature or pressure
  • Remote monitoring and control functionality (via Modbus) in order to manage incinerator temperature, system status, and other parameters
  • Compatible with many different waste gas applications

PF2100i by Profire Energy

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Why Choose the PF2100i?

  • Your Needs

    User friendly display and interface

  • Integrated setpoints, stackable expansion cards, low power requirement, and auxiliary thermocouple input

  • Auto ignition and relight, advanced flame detection, and dual processors for failsafe operation

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