PF3100 EPX Enclosure

Additional Level of Safety

Our EPX Enclosure is an explosion-proof housing unit that provides an extra level of safety for all of your process control electronics equipment. It can be mounted in close proximity to your burner without compromising safety.

Key Features

  • Up to four NPT ports.
  • Compatible with all PF2100, PF2200, and PF3100 controllers.
  • Powder coated aluminum.
  • Operating temperature of -50ºC to 135ºC.

Explosion Proof

Composed of powder coated aluminum, the EPX Enclosure has been designed to add additional safety to your burner management and combustion control systems. It can be used for a variety of applications, providing a safeguard when an Ion Pilot Module and ignition coil are required for functionality of your system.

  • Class 1 Div 1, Hazardous Location Rating.
  • Can be used for both dual and single rod installations.
  • Offers about 40kV output voltage.
  • Ideal for use with manufactured pilot gas.

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