Regeneration Heater

Exotherm - Nevada

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  • IndustryOil & Gas – Downstream / Utility
  • CustomerCustomer Type?
  • Application(s)Regeneration Heater

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The Problem

This is a Regeneration Heater that an OEM constructed for their customer. *** NEEDS MORE INFO: Why did the customer need this application? What problems were they experiencing beforehand? What was being impacted before Profire came to help (time, money, safety, reliablity, efficiency, etc.)?

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The Profire Solution

Profire provided the controls for the heater. The panel was UL approved. ** NEEDS MORE INFO: What was the timeline on the project? Did the customer see an ROI? Did we help them inmprove their ESG initiatives?

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After Profire

Key Products Used

PF3100 Burner Management System

Profire's PF3100 can be specified to work with both natural draft and forced draft applications. Integrated fuel/air ratio controller, combined with optical flame detection.