PF3100 Series

The PF3100 Series delivers a time-tested and economical approach to the burner and combustion management requirements of industry’s most critical heaters. With its patented modular design, intuitive operating system, and low cost of ownership, the PF3100 offers a scalable solution, customizable to your application.

Designed in accordance with functional safety requirements and certified to IEC 61508 and SIL 2 capable, PF3100 solutions are used in several industries including Oil & Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical, Biogas, Heat Treat, Manufacturing, and Food and Beverage. From API heaters to multi-burner and multi-piloted appliances, natural draft to forced draft with fuel air ratio control operation, PF3100 solutions offer a scalable modular design that can be customized to each client and application need.


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